Prof. Wiseman celebrates the opening of Edinburgh International Science Festival with the announcement of his NAPPING SURVEY results. 31 March 2017

Edinburgh International Science Festival kicks off this Saturday, 1 April and to celebrate the occasion, Professor Richard Wiseman announces the results of his survey into the nation’s napping habits.

New research shows evidence that napping is related to happiness!

Research carried out by psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire) for the Edinburgh International Science Festival has revealed the surprising relationship between napping and happiness.

Over 1000 participants rated both their happiness and whether they napped during the day. They were classified into three groups: ‘No nappers’, ‘Short Nappers’ (naps under 30 minutes), and ‘Long Nappers’ (naps over 30 minutes). 

The results showed evidence of a relationship between napping and happiness, with 66% of Short Nappers being happy, compared to just 56% of Long Nappers and 60% of No Nappers.

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